Hudson Horns + Sounds Buono

August 16, 2017


So you’re getting married. Or you’re throwing a big bash. Or someone is turning 40 years old. Whatever the case may be, you’re gonna need some great entertainment for the celebration.

And you’re stuck! Do we hire a band? Do we hire a DJ? Should we just have Uncle Gene sing acapella?

It’s the modern conundrum.

Well, the crew at Hudson Horns and I wondered…why not have it all? (sorry, not you Uncle Gene)
Introducing HH+SB [Hudson Horns + Sounds Buono] A unique and communal entertainment experience.

-It’s the best of both worlds-

The beauty of real musicians & live instrumentation. The polish and versatility of a seasoned DJ.

All packed into a high energy presentation. And we’re available for any event imaginable.

For more information and rates, send me a note and treat your guests to something that they’ll never forget!