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A music lover and hip-hop connoisseur at heart, I grew up making pause tapes...

And make it lots of fun! With carefully curated hip-hop, funk and soul as my base, I can weave in and out of an eclectic array of musical selections (disco, rock, club, jazz, top 40) – transitioning seamlessly from casual cocktail party, through dinner and into dancing madness. Whatever the mood of the event calls for, I’ll be able to compliment it with the perfect soundtrack.

And hopefully that can be us, making some great memories together! So let’s see if we are a good fit. If you’re looking to surpass the typical DJ and entertainment experience, check out some of my mixes and if everything sounds sweet, shoot me a note via my contact form. I have also added some great DJs & a live band to the company's roster, all with capabilities that match mine. Check them all out below.

Thank you for stopping by!

...and my own faux radio shows in my basement until I graduated to a pair of turntables in the 9th grade – cutting my teeth rocking school dances and selling $5 mix cassettes to my friends in the high school hallways. When I turned 18, I somehow convinced my parents to send me up to Emerson College to pursue my passion for the arts (thanks Mom & Pop), which opened up my eyes and ears to a whole new creative culture.

There at Emerson, I honed my skills with classmates at the legendary 88.9 WERS radio show and continued on through my 20s producing music and working the event and club circuit from Boston to New York. And now, on select nights and weekends (when I’m not playing Dad) I’m still making those dance floors move and shake, all while becoming one of the most sought after event DJs in the region.

I’m well-seasoned in the wedding and private event world, having worked over 300+ unique and special celebrations for the better half of a decade. I tailor each event to the needs of its hosts, working with them to create an atmosphere that reflects their individual taste, yet inclusive enough to appeal to everyone in attendance.



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So you’re getting married.

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