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- Please provide any important contact persons and their telephone and/or email address here that would be relevant to me (i.e. wedding planner, day of coordinator, etc)

- If I am providing ceremony services, please lists any songs you would like to be played during the prelude (I have a deep list of orchestral music and piano/cello covers so if you don't have specific songs for when your guests are being seated, I can play those), wedding party, processional and recessional (and when to cue the latter i.e. after first kiss or when officiant says certain words). If you need suggestions, please let me know!

- If you plan to introduce your wedding party, please list in order/pairs (if appropriate) of how you'd like them announced and annunciate all names (the folks with the tricky ones!) 

- Please list any song or songs you would like played during the wedding party introduction (if applicable)

- If desired or if different from wedding party introduction song(s), please list a song to be introduced as newlyweds

- If you'd like to be introduced as a couple, please let me know how. I.E Mr. and Mrs. (Groom's Last Name), Our Newlyweds, First Name and First name, etc

- Please list any and all toasts (i.e. newlyweds, parents, best man, maid of honor, etc) along with names (enunciated please!) in order along with the approximate time(s) they will be taking place during reception.

- Please list any parent or significant dances along with the song and the approximate time they will be taking place during the reception

- Please list any songs or the vibe (i.e. soulful, Motown, swing/jazz/big band, hotel lounge, etc) you would like for both cocktail hour and dinner. I generally play a very eclectic/upbeat vibe for cocktails and a little more low key for dinner. This might be a good place to sneak in songs that you love or want to hear but that won't necessarily translate on the dance floor. If you don't have a preference, you can simply state "Do Your Thing!"

- Please list 10-15 must have songs you'd love to hear. My sets usually include an eclectic/inclusive mix of everything for everyone, so don't stress out racking your brains too much about this! I got you! You hired me for a reason. But feel free to include whatever songs you love as a couple or maybe some favorites you know will get everyone going at your reception. If it helps, you can create a Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play playlist and insert the link into the form. And if you just want me to do my thing - just let me know!

- Anything you don't want to hear? Please list that noise!

- Any additional songs needed to be played? I.E. cake cutting, traditional/cultural songs, rap battles?

- !!!

- If I'm missing any questions or if there are important details/information I should be made aware of, please let me know here