I value relationships and quality over quantity. Every time. I do not take every wedding that comes to me. And I hope that every couple who inquires about my services wants more from their DJ than just checking another vendor off of their list simply because they need to fill the spot. I gravitate towards those who appreciate the art form, respect all of the work that comes with it and really want to give something to their friends and family that they will remember forever – a celebration of a lifetime!

Upon inquiring and after we have made a few points of contact, I implore all of my couples to shop around and be confident in their decision. It’s a big one! And an important investment. I do not push or pressure. No one likes that. While I am very invested and passionate about my business, I do not live and die by the wedding industry – so I do not need to force some desperate sales tactics to secure your money.

My current pricing is not just reflective of my day-of-services but the time, effort, research, preparation, execution and all the intangibles and curveballs I know come with each and every wedding from the moment you sign your contract all the way down to the last song played.

There is so, so much more that goes into this than just showing up to a wedding looking pretty to play a couple of jams. You’re investing in years of my knowledge and experience of not only being a DJ, but also a professional and business owner – which I think is hard to put a price on.

I have an extensive background within the music industry and countless trial and error runs that have brought me to where I am today. And I’m always pushing myself to stay relevant, fresh and ahead of curve in all aspects of this business.

I strive to give my couples absolute piece of mind. I’m a terrific communicator and will be there for any questions you may have via phone, email or in person and can be a conduit to your venue – so you don’t have to worry about any of the logistics that go into sound production. No wedding is the same and there are many hours of research that go into creating the perfect soundtrack for your day – that’s also reflective of your unique tastes.

Whether I’m performing for 2 hours or 10 hours the day of, I’m well prepared before I even step behind the table. I’m one of the first people on site for sound check and the last person the leave (because I have to close out the evening). It’s an all day affair and a lot of pressure to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible and your return on investment is well beyond what you imagined

My pricing in competitive within this market, but there are certainly DJs out there who are well under my asking rate and may offer more add-ons like uplighting, laser shows, monograms, holograms, balloon making (haha you get the point). I really believe you get what you pay for. And those who offer so many add-ons and other services aren’t hyper focused or committed to their core offering – which should be DJing!

I truly feel I provide a service that’s worth every dollar and I have countless couples and as well as colleagues within the industry that would say the same.

Thank you!